A blueprint for
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Driven by the desire to promote and encourage long, happy lives, Dr Huk shares tips and information gathered during his career in medicine, medical research and private practice.
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From micro
to macro

Understanding the microelements of how our bodies function.

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Your body is a high- performance vehicle!

If our body is a "Tesla", then nitric oxide is our engine and these four supplements are our wheels.

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Dr Huk’s unique understanding of wellbeing from a medical perspective is a valuable approach. His extensive education and experience in medical theory and practice, combined with a deep knowledge of how to develop and maintain a healthy body, means he is an important voice in wellbeing.

The role of wellbeing in health is often dismissed as only self-care, whether that is an appreciation for eating a balanced diet or taking time to relax and recharge. While, of course, these are good practice in terms of avoiding stress, Dr Huk’s careful analysis of how our bodies work and what we can do to protect ourselves goes beyond self-care towards actual definitions of the elements that protect our immune system.

Understanding the immune system and its unparalleled role in avoiding ill health is key to Dr Huk’s lifelong research. By looking at the elements and micro and macro molecules that we need, may be lacking, and can supplement, he has uncovered a blueprint for a life of wellbeing. His work on elements such as L-arginine, L-citrulline,  calcium, and vitamins D3 and K2 in particular has highlighted how building our immune system to be more robust is a building block for long-term health.

Dr Huk leads by example. He lives a life of personal responsibility for health and wellbeing, with regular exercise such as long jogging to support heart health and maintain mental clarity. He is a vocal supporter of prevention over cure, yet with his vast experience in medical procedures and surgery, is also well-positioned to advise on cures when required.


A healthy life is a balanced life.
A balance of effort, love, happiness, health, education, nutrition, purpose... all the elements that feed our bodies and our soul. Dr Huk has invested a life of resourcefulness into sharing his perception of what it means to live a balanced life.

What happens to our bodies when we exercise?

Dr Huk is not only inspirational when it comes to taking care of our immune system from medical and nutritional perspectives, he is also a strong advocate of physical exercise.…

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Our bodies are up to 70% water … and nearly 20% protein

To be in balance with our bodies is to understand what we are made of, and how we eat influences how that balance enables us to live a life of optimum health…

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What is a healthy, balanced diet?

With one of Dr Huk’s famous phrases ringing in our ears – ‘It’s always a question of amount!’ – we look at what we should be eating in order to maintain a healthy body and support our immune system…

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Modicus cibi, medicus sibi

Moderate your food, be your own doctor

The role of amino acids in regeneration

In this short lecture, Dr Huk shares how amino acids support our bodies in their constant regeneration.
Explaining the role of amino acids from both a biological and a medical point of view, understand how they enable the synthesis of vital enzymes to help eliminate tiredness and boost energy.

“Medica mente, non medicamenti”

Heal with knowledge, not medicines
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A British scientist has recently confirmed what was already known by the ancient Greeks; laughing and singing helps us to avoid and reduce stress. Inflammatory factors have been proven to decrease when singing – so don’t forget to laugh and sing!

“Non est vivere, sed valere Vita est”

Life is not life if you are not healthy
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