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An experiment is a question which science poses to Nature, and a measurement is the recording of Nature's answer. (Max Planck)

L-arginine treatment

Dr Huk’s pioneering research on the role of L-arginine treatment.

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Reducing ischemia

Published work from Dr Huk on how nitric oxide reduces ischemia.

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To meet Dr Huk is a masterclass in motivation in taking ownership of your health. A twinkling example of medical knowledge, zest for life and a deep appreciation for how one person’s combination of luck and hard work has created an influential body of work, Dr Huk lives as he promotes.

Dr Huk’s initial medical studies began in Gdańsk in 1969 to 1975, and then he continued to specialise in vascular and transplant surgery at the University of Vienna.

Ihor Huk is a former director of the experimental Vascular Laboratory, Department of Surgery in Medical University Vienna since 1994, the Chairman of the Division of Vascular Surgery since 2013, Member of the Scientific Board of Vienna Private Clinic, (WPK), and member of the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine since 2000 and European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Throughout his highly respected medical career, Dr Huk has continuously studied the issues of diagnosis and complications regarding the surgical treatment of ischemia-reperfusion injury, the effect of nitric oxide on the vascular wall, reperfusion injury of organs, as well as the impact of amino acids on healthy cell development.

Dr Huk has performed more than 50,000 surgeries, including abdominal, vascular and transplantations, and over 1000 kidney, liver and arteries transplants. Widely recognised as a first-class vascular surgeon, Doctor Ihor Huk primarily practiced at the Vienna General Hospital where his focus on vascular surgery included operations on arteries to prevent strokes, aneurysm operations, and surgery on arteries threatened with occlusion or rupture, as well as reconstructive surgery on vessels. He also worked as a at the Wiener Privatklinik.

All of Dr Huk’s medical achievements are underpinned by his appreciation that we must value our bodies and take personal responsibility in learning how our bodies function.

L-arginine treatment alters the kinetics of nitric oxide and superoxide release and reduces ischemia/reperfusion injury in skeletal muscle

The work of Dr Huk and his colleagues on how L-arginine treatment alters the kinetics of nitric oxide and the impact on skeletal muscle, published in Circulation, explains how ‘charging…

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Abdominal aortic aneurysm and virus infection: a potential causative role for cytomegalovirus infection?

Read Dr Huk and his colleagues’ study into a possible connection between abdominal aortic aneurysm and virus infection with regard to cytomegalovirus, through analysis of inflammation and other risk factors.

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Prostaglandin E1 reduces Ischemia/Reperfusion injury by normalizing nitric oxide and superoxide release

Dr Huk and his colleagues have published their findings on the positive role of using prostaglandin E1, a naturally occurring medicinal prostaglandin, in the reduction of injuries typically seen in conditions that diminish intestinal blood flow. 

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“Medicina soror philisophiae”
Medicine is the sister of philosophy 
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l-Arginine treatment

l-Arginine treatment decreased superoxide generation by cNOS while increasing NO accumulation, leading to protection from constriction (microvessel area, 17.77±0.95 versus 11.66±2.21 μm2 untreated, P<.0005) and reduction of edema after reperfusion (interfiber area, 16.56±2.13% versus 27.68±7.70% untreated, P<.005).

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“I encourage people to take my work and move it forward.”
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Quercetin treatment

Quercetin treatment mollified ischaemia-reperfusion injury to skeletal muscle by scavenging destructive superoxide and enhancing the cytoprotective nitric oxide concentration
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