The past informs
the future

The story of Ukraine – regeneration and unity – is a lesson we can all learn from. 

The Habsburg influence

The inspirational actions of the Habsburg Family and how these brave people helped to shape modern Ukraine.

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Cossacks of Zaporizhian Sich

Strong, fearless, willing to fight and deep links to Ukraine

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We all have a culture, a heritage that we are part of and helps to form our characters. For Dr Huk, his love of Ukraine and his deep connection to the country’s story of regeneration and unity has been a consistent theme throughout his life.

Dr Huk appreciates that his professional and personal life has been deeply enriched by the influence of respected peers, fellow Ukrainians, and other individuals who have also sought to be challenged. One of first personalities in Vienna was Mrs Hanna Nakonetchna and former actress Consuelo Hoerbiger who taught him burgtheater German. He too has been an influence on many people, people who have read Dr Huk’s work and somehow been involved in his various areas of interest.

The overriding theme of regeneration across Dr Huk’s work is present in the stories and creations he finds inspiring. From poetry to music to insightful analysis of historical events, Dr Huk is pleased to take this opportunity to share the resources that prompt his questions and help create possible answers.

Unity Day – January 22nd 1918

January 22nd 1918 was the start of the modern Ukraine; on this day, in Sofia Square in Kyiv, the proclamation of the Unification Act between the Ukraine’s People Republic and West Ukrainian People Republic – the East and West halves of Ukraine.

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A golden egg from the Patriarch

Dr Huk was presented with this beautiful gilt egg by Patriarch Filaret, to show his appreciation for his contribution to medicine in Ukraine, to mark his 65th birthday.

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Ivan Franko

It is no surprise that Dr Huk is influenced by fellow open-minded intellectuals that also seek to uncover, understand and share information from across topics that can bring a new level of clarity to how we can best live. Here we share the story of Ivan Franko, a multi-influential Ukrainian father.

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“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ― Aristotle

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Love your Ukraine,
love as you would the sun,
The wind, the grasses
and the streams together…
Love her in happy hours,
when joys are won,
And love her in her time
of stormy weather.

Volodymyr Sosiura

('Love Ukraine' by Volodymyr Sosyura)
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“Our happiness has two equal wings:
Roses and grapes - beautiful and useful.”
― Maksim Rylsky

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Listen to the sound of Ukraine
and its heritage

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