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Unity Day – January 22nd 1918

January 22nd 1918 was the start of the modern Ukraine; on this day, in Sofia Square in Kyiv, the proclamation of the Unification Act between the Ukraine’s People Republic and West Ukrainian People Republic – the East and West halves of Ukraine.

As a powerful reminder that we all grow to become what we are most encouraged to be, Dr Huk’s mark on the world was foretold on the day of his birth – January 22nd, Unity Day in Ukraine

Until this date, eastern and western Ukraine belonged to different empires, with the associated fighting for independence. While not a public holiday, many proud Ukrainians lay flowers at monuments dedicated to the fight for unity; the day is referred to as Unity Day.

January 22nd 1952 was not only the 34rd Unity Day, but also the day that Dr. Ihor Huk was born. He has continued to cherish the independence of Ukraine and its people ever since, and to embody the spirit of unity and free thinking.