Our bodies are up to 70% water … and nearly 20% protein

Beyond medical practice and scientific research, one of Dr Huk’s core skills is the ability to share his work in an engaging, easy to understand manner. With so much of his life’s work focused on optimising health through conscious decisions, Dr Huk knows that he must always start with what is true.

“in vino veritas in aqua sanitas”

In wine there is truth, in water health

He explains, “I always start from the premise of what we can’t change, and from there we can see what we can improve. Did you know that we are 60 – 70% water? And next we are up to 20% protein, with the rest made up of 10% fat, then carbohydrates, nuclein acids and minerals. Yet when we look at an average person’s plate of food, it’s filled with carbohydrates – pasta, potatoes – and not enough water – primarily vegetables – or protein, like meat and fish.”

Yet, Dr Huk says, this does not mean that a diet of only fish and vegetables is healthy. He continues, “Protein is built from amino acids, and we need to take in a balance of these every day, with eight of the 22 amino acids in our bodies specifically only available to be taken through food.”

We have just 22 amino acids and they build over 400,000 proteins, and more than 20 000 genes… that we know about!

Protein structure

The human body consists of:
ca. 62%H20
ca. 20%Protein
ca. 10%Fat
ca. 1,5%Carbohydrate
ca. 1%Nucleic acids
ca. 5,5%Minerals