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Mykola Volodos – Nobel Prize nominee

Ukrainian cardiovascular surgeon and scientist Mykola Volodos (1934 – 2016) was an influential doctor and contemporary of Dr Huk, particularly in his pioneering work in developing exciting ideas and putting into practice stenting of aortic aneurysms. After ten years of performing this, his idea was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2014, and Dr Volodos was considered one of the most innovative vascular surgeons in the world.

Dr Huk visited Dr Volodos’s eponymous medical centre in Kharkiv in 1994, where he learned about his influential endovascular method of aortic aneurysm treatment, which continues to be utilised to this day.

Professor Ihor Huk provided ample opportunity to participate in many international conferences at which Professor Volodos could present his experiences. Professor Huk also helped him contact foreign experts and arrange visits to various clinics.