From micro to macro

Dr Huk’s widely respected work on amino acids has helped to bring his studies to a wider audience, with the universal theme of well-being finding a welcome platform. He speaks articulately and clearly about how most people are comfortable with the need to charge their smartphones every night to ensure that they can use them as required the next day, yet ‘charging our bodies’ is not yet part of life.

“To improve our physical condition, we need to charge ourselves with the right nutrients.”

Dr Huk explains, “Many people say that they are interested in living a healthy life, yet when you ask them what they do to charge their bodies, they don’t know how to answer. I’m not here to catch anybody out, I want to share what my studies have shown because I have seen time and time again that it works. These are not miracles; the science shows that certain amino acids and vitamins charge our bodies and keep our cells charged.”

With Dr Huk’s presentation on amino acids showing how we each have just 22 amino acids, and ‘yet some get better PR than others, they must all be in balance in order to provide our bodies with optimal energy.

He says, “This is why my presentation is called From micro to macro because from each small element can come a big change in our energy, our health, and our wellbeing.

Our bodies have 4 times more sulfur than magnesium

‘Small tricks’

These ‘small tricks’ are what Dr Huk has discovered over decades of medical research and medical practice. Including the taking of specific supplements and adopting regular exercise and self-care, the small tricks are not quick fixes. He explains, “What works for one person will not be exactly what works for someone else; we each have our own balance, which depends on our level of physical and intellectual activity. But we are largely the same; our biology and physiology are comparable, so I look to create a balance in harmony with what we all need, to what each person needs individually.”

“We can all better understand our pathophysiology.

It is those elements that work for everyone that has captured the interest of Dr Huk’s audiences. He is delighted to share these elements for the wider benefit of people looking to live a long, healthy life. He continues, “I recommend annual health checks that include heart health, blood pressure, an aminogram, vitamins, monoacids … to always be aware of any changes.

I suggest high-quality supplements in the right quantities to make a difference; people know about Vitamin C and magnesium, but we must include L-arginine in order to charge our cells, to help replenish the nitric oxide that depletes when we use our bodies – and use our brains. Everybody is stressed; L-arginine helps to balance that when supplements are taken in the right quantities.”

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